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Bundle w/ Winter Traveler & Gravel Chaser

Bundle w/ Winter Traveler & Gravel Chaser

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Our complete bundle, including 2 base tyres, 2 skins with 160 studs, and 2 gravel skins.


Go modular

Change the tyre tread in less than a minute. Always ready!
A flexible system! Zip on the skins only when you need them.
Get the best grip in every weather and road condition.
2-year guarantee
30-day refund policy
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Upgrade your bike

This bundle includes two of the reTyre ONE base tyres, two of the Winter Traveler skin and two of the Gravel Chaser skin. Click in the items below for more information about the products.

2 x ONE base tyre
2 x Winter Traveler Skins (160 Studs)
2 x Gravel Chaser Skins


If you are unsure about the size of your tyres, please choose the "Unsure" size option when buying, and we will help you find the right size. 

With Skins mounted on the ONE base tyre: 

26'' = 50-559/26x2.0 

27.5'' = 57-584/27.5x2.25

28'' = 50-622/28x2.0 

29'' = 57-622/29x2.25

ONE base tyre sizes:

26'' = 42-559/26x1.60 

27.5'' = 52-584/27.5x2.00

28'' = 42-622/28x1.60

29'' = 50-622/29x2.00

All reTyre skins are compatible and interchangeable with the reTyre One base tyre of the equivalent diameter. 

reTyre is a modular tyre system with interchangeable skins, featuring a integrated zip-on technology, allowing you to adapt your tyre in seconds.

The Modular System means that our tires consist of 2 modules: 

  1. The reTyre One base tyre, a fast and slick road tyre. Always on the bike and with integrated zip-on technology.
  2. reTyre Skins for diferent road conditions. Also with integrated zip-on technology, making it fast and easy to take them on and off the base tyre.

reTyre performs just like any other conventional tire, while the integrated zippers offer additional functionality. With reTyre, you can change/adapt the tire tread in less than 30 seconds. It is easy, it is fast and it is safe! With our tires, cyclists always have the best possible grip, because Skins are light, foldable and easily brought with you.

How do I mount reTyre on my bike?
Which surfaces is the One Base Tyre for and how durable is is?
What surfaces is the Winter Traveler Skin for?
What surfaces is the Gravel Chaser skin for?
Can I mix and match different skins on reTyre One?
Do you need to deflate the base One tyre to zip on the Skin?
How durable are the integrated zippers?
What size do I need?
Can you use the Skins without the base tyre?

Adac Test Winner

Winter tyre test 2021

With its qunique flexibility and great grip, our Winter Traveler and modular system won the ADAC, TSC and ÖAMTC test of Winter tyres in 2021.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Hartmut Groß

Die Reifen funktionieren sehr gut und der Profilwechsel geht sehr einfach und schnell.

Winter Traveler & Gravel Chase

Konnte alle drei Sorten adäquat ausprobieren und bin bis jetzt (ca. 6 Wochen nach dem Kauf) sehr zufrieden.

Dominik Plath
Winter Ready

It's really easy to change the sleeves. (About 5 to 10 minutes for both)
Also they got a good grip. The normal tire is still unused because of winter but the sleeves are good.

Cheolhoon Oh
Great experience !!

When weather was heavy snow and tough cold, I was able to change the appropriated tire on load faster than before. Studed tire( nordic tire) is great for me in Jeju Island, South Korea. I want to import these tires to Korea and sell them.
Especially, The blue part of the side zipper seems to be a better product if it is upgraded to reflect the vehicle's light.

P Malmberg
All-Year Bundle (w. Gravel Chaser)

I just installed my retyre ones on my 27.5" commuter bike and so far im very happy with the quality. The zipper system is ingenious and works like a charm, and its now super easy to swap between studded tires and normal ones. Swapping takes like 1 minute. Wich is perfect when you never know if its going to be icy in the morning or not. The gravel chaser were a nice extra bonus for me and i use them when it gets muddy outside. The overall quality seems very nice.