• Aktivmormor 
    An All-Year Cyclist
  • Nik Bellwald 
    An Enthusiastic Cyclist

Anita Westfaler, who uses Aktivmormor ("activegranny") as her social media persona, has had a BuddyBike and reTyre Winter Traveler since 2018.

She has tried winter cycling for the first time in her 47 years and she is now an active year-round cyclist! As an active woman who is into fitness and health, she found that reTyre has truly changed her life and opened new horizons in her active lifestyle.

In summer 2018, Nik Bellwald contacted reTyre for sponsorship in Old Legs charity tour in South Africa, raising money for the elderly in Zimbabwe, as well as handicapped youngsters. 

The journey started from Harare all the way to Kilimanjaro, with 1500km on tarred roads and 1500km on African bush roads. Nik rode on reTyre One 28x1.6” and mostly with Gravel Chaser Skins on.

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