“I rode on Gravel Chaser for 2900 km on a humanitarian road-tour to raise money for handicapped and elders in ZIM. The tour start was in Harare, going up to Cahora Bassa, heading to Tete, along the Lake Malawi, up to the Kitulo Plateau, to Dodoma, Arusha and finished at Moshi.”

Nik Bellwald

Enthusiastic cyclist

Why have you chosen to be reTyre's ambassador?

“Primarily because I think it is an innovative concept whose vision is to make life easier for people. And then it is important that reTyre pushes the technology for the production of bicycle tires to become both less energy-demanding and hopefully 100% recyclable.”

Aleksander Gamme

Norwegian adventurer, polar explorer, author and public speaker

“reTyre gives me the security I didn’t know I was looking for in winter cycling. I now feel safe in the different weather we have in Norway, and even through heavy snowfall and minuses, I haven’t regretted my tyre-choice for a second!”

Anita Westfaler (aka Aktivmormor)

Social media persona, Norway

“reTyre makes it easier to use your bike in all conditions, even if you don't know a lot about bikes.”

Dag Otto Lauritzen

Norwegian professional cyclist and Tour de France section winner

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