Easy winter biking

Modular tyres

Adapt in seconds

Offroad in seconds

Become a year-round cyclist

Base Tyre

Fast rolling and durable

Stays on the bike year-round

Features integrated zippers

Interchangeable Skins

All Skins fit the base tyre

Takes less than a minute to mount

Light weight and easy to store

reTyre ZIP-ON Technology

Self-locking mechanism for safety

TPU-coated blue skirts and nylon zipper teeth

100% stainless and durable components 

What is said about reTyre?

reTyre’s concept is simple – everyday we wear different shoes based on where we go, so why do everyday bikes get tires that almost never change until worn out? The issue is the hassle, so their zip-on reTyre system makes it fast & easy to zip the perfect tread onto the bike for every ride – no need to even take the wheel off the bike.

Bike Rumor

Overnight blizzard? Zip on studs. Going from suburbs to single-track? Zip on your trail treads. The reTyre presents one of the craziest bike tire designs we’ve seen in a while

Gear Junkie

The new reTyre with the Base Tyre is woking very well. I mostly ride mountain bikes and never considered myself the kind of rider who would get a tyre with zippers. But after putting these on my commuter last fall, they have stayed on. The Base Tyre is nice and smooth rolling, and especially in early and late winter it’s nice to be able to easily switch between studs and no studs.

Knut Nes - reTyre user

Featuring 156 carbide studs per skin, it allows commuters to quickly make their tires ice-ready whenever the weather dictates, but then switch back to the smoother – running base tires when the ice melts.

New Atlas

Now I’m very confident in those tyres, they sit really well. I am impressed! It won’t be bad to cycle through this winter. It will be fun!

NRK Consumer Report

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