Upgrade your bike:

Go modular!

Change your tyre in less than a minute without extra equipment.

Make your bike flexible;
Only use studs when you need them. Always the right grip!

Well-tested, safe and durable integrated zip-on technology

Everything you need to get started

Our starterkits includes both base tyres and skins

Bundle w/Winter Traveler

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Bundle w/ Winter Traveler & Gravel Chaser

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Bundle w/ Ice Racer

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The modular system:

A fast rolling base tyre ONE with our integrated zip-on technology. Always on the bike and it works great on its own as a summer and asphalt tyre.

reTyre Skins for different road conditions. The skins also have the our integrated zip-on technology, letting you change tyre treads in less than a minute.

Our patented zip-on technology includes durable zippers integrated onto the side walls. Developed and tested in Norway to handle challenging conditions.

Developed and tested in challenging conditions in Norway.

Award winning products in both design and quality.

Making all-year cycling easy, safe and accessible for everyone.