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Perfect grip

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With reTyre you can instantly change your tyre attributes and design using reTyre skins. This means that you never have to compromise and always have the right tyre qualities to give you the best ride. 

*First time customer

*Already have a base tyre

You need the reTyre Base Tyre to use our skins

Gravel Chaser SkinGravel Chaser Skin
Winter Traveler SkinWinter Traveler Skin
Trail Rider SkinTrail Rider Skin
Ice Racer SkinIce Racer Skin

Why reTyre

Adapt to unpredictable weather

Continue cycling everywhere and all year round, without the hassle of removing the wheels to change the tyres

1-minute tyre change

No special skills or tools necessary. If you can use a zipper, you can user reTyre! 

High-quality compounds

Correct treading and special rubber provide a better grip, lesser rolling resistance and a better biking experience 


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Read our guide or get help with determining the fit

Red Dot design Award

reTyre won the award for highest design quality in the internationally esteemed design competition the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019.

"Highly innovative and functional, reTyre One allows the wheel tread to be changed without having to change the tyre. This significantly increases the flexibility and riding pleasure."

 - The Jury - Red dot Award


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Høsten er her og nattfrosten har begynt. Med reTyres geniale dekk trenger du aldri mer tenke på dekkbytte eller risikere å sykle på glatta. Med reTyre tar det kun sekunder å sette på pigger! 

  • 2 stk. reTyre One 

    Lettrullende sommerdekk m/glidelåser som passer alle reTyre Skins

  • 2 stk. Winter traveler Skin 

    Avtakbar piggdekkoverflate med 160 pigger for trygg vintersykling på sekunder

  • 1 stk. reTyre Bag 

    Laget for oppbevaring av Skins

Helårsdekk x2


Spar 677,-

Will reTyre work on my bike?

To determine if your bike will fit reTyre, two measures you should consider are: the tire (rim) size and the fork clearance.

There are several ways of 
determining your tire size. If you already have a bike, you can check the size of your current tyres, the number is engraved on the tyre sidewall. If the information is not readable, you can measure the rim diameter and find corresponding size. If you are buying a new bike, check the tire and rim specification. 

After determining the size, you should make sure you have enough clearance for both reTyre One and Skin of your choice. Depending of the size, minimum clearance you need is as follows:

63 mm clearance for the 26” and 28” 

72 mm clearance for the 29” 

Fenders can sometime be a problem, but most are easily adjustable to fit reTyre.