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Trail Rider Skin

Trail Rider Skin

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A skin designed for those wanting to experience the ultimate trail rid. Important: You need the reTyre ONE base tyre to zip-on this Skin!



Change tyre in 30 seconds - no tools!
Make your bike flexible!
Best grip in every condition
2-year guarantee
30-day refund policy
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Upgrade your bike

Engineered in collaboration with mountain bikers to guarantee optimal results and ensure the best balance of performance, handling and off-road control, on technical trails, mud, wet and slippery ground. The features of the Trail Rider are also perfectly adapted to e-MTB. At the end of your ride, remove the reTyre Trail Rider skins and use the fast-rolling reTyre One* to cover the rest of the journey on paved road. The next time you want to head out to nature, zip the Trail Rider Skin to your base tyre and enjoy the ride! * reTyre One base tyre is sold separately. ** This skin also works great as a rear tyre for lower rolling resistance, in combination with the reTyre Trail Rider Skin mounted on the front wheel, for even better handling and control.

Soft Rubber

Our NXT rubber compound ensures optimal grip and traction on wet terrain

Maximum Traction

The large knobs are designed to grip into loose ground and ensure optimal grip for braking, acceleration and sharp cornering.

Predictable Cornering

The shoulder knobs are angled to optimize understeer traction and provide predictable handling and cornering
SIZE INFORMATION Remember, Trail Rider adds approximately 6mm (0.23 inches) to the height and 14mm (0.5 inches) to the width of your reTyre One base tyre when mounted. In terms of standard sizing for tyres, the effective tyre size with skin is: 26'' = 50-559/26x2.0 28'' = 50-622/28x2.0 All reTyre skins are compatible and interchangeable with the reTyre One base tyre of the equivalent diameter. PRODUCT WEIGHT Size 26": 470g Size 28": 510g

1. Pin position
Attach the starting point to both sides of the tyre before closing the zipper. Check that the starting point is properly attached before you begin to close the zipper.

2. Stretch
While closing the zipper, stretch the skin a bit to make sure it fits perfectly. Alternate between the sides while you close the zippers to reduce the resistance. The skin should meet itself at the end.

3. Puller
Finally, when the skin is installed, remember to close the puller into the locked position to secure it.

Can you use the Skins without the base tyre?
Do you need to deflate the base One tyre to zip on the Skin?
Which surfaces is this skin for?
Can I mix and match different skins?

Recommended by:

Dag Otto Lauritsen

reTyre makes all-year cycling easy and safe, without needing to know a lot about bikes.

Recommended by:

Dag Otto Lauritsen

reTyre makes all-year cycling easy and safe, without needing to know a lot about bikes.

Customer Reviews

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Wolfgang Kreuzbauer
Child transport

I am using your tires for the safe transport of my grandson in summer and with spike tires also in winter. Both versions work very well and it’s easy to change themselves. Thank you very much!

Giuseppe Messina
A very and the best original solution

I’m using reTyre for my MTB and I’m very satisfy of this clever solution ;
Because anytime I go out for a ride , i can choose to wear the Trail rider skin for my Mountain ride or choosing to take off the trail skin and
using my Bike only for a ride in town . The way to put on the Skin is very easy and safe . I advise this product to all people that use the Bike for easy rides Thanks ReTyre team

Grant Holley
United States Perspective

First off the product is first rate! I got three different tire systems and they work amazingly in all seasons here in Wisconsin. Next for any potential US purchasers....shipping was incredibly easy. Honestly the package came faster than most domestic purchases that I make. I have zero complaints and highly recommend!

Super cool product!

Surprisingly good product, easy to use, does add stability and security on different terrains. Didn't ever think of my bike tires before reTyre!

Gunnar Grue

Trail Rider Skin