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Ice Racer Skin

Ice Racer Skin

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This skin contains 300 studs and it is the ultimate skin when commuting where the streets are not cleared regularly. Includes 1 x Ice Racer skin. Important: You need the reTyre ONE base tyre to zip-on this Skin!


Go modular

Change the tyre tread in less than a minute.
Flexible! Zip on the studded skins only when you need them.
300 studs to ensure safe grip on heavy ice and snow.
2-year warranty
30-day refund policy
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Upgrade your bike

Ice Racer - This skin contains 300 studs with 12 unique locations in the contact patch which makes it the ultimate skin when commuting where the streets are not cleared regularly. The skin is especially designed for hilly areas where you need more grip and stability when braking and cornering while riding down steep roads.

Active Snow Shredder

Additional built-in functionality includes specially engineered knobs that will flex to shed snow.

Winter Rubber

Our winter rubber compound is engineered to provide optimal traction on ice and snow.

300 Dual Compound Studs

This skin has 300 studs with 12 unique locations in the contact patch, carefully distributed to ensure safe grip on ice.

The Ice Racer skin adds approximately 7mm (0.25 inches) to the height and 14mm (0.5 inches) to the width of your reTyre One base tyre when mounted.

In terms of standard sizing for tyres, the effective tyre size with the Ice Racer skin is: 

  • 26" = 50-559/26x2.0
  • 27.5" = 57-584/27.5x2.25
  • 28" = 50-622/28x2.0
  • 29" = 57-622/29x2.25  

28 and 29 rims are the same diameter. Our 28" tyres will fit 29" rims, the only difference being that the 28" is more narrow than the 29".

All reTyre skins are compatible and interchangeable with the reTyre One base tyre of the equivalent diameter.

The Ice Racer skin can only be used with our ONE base tyre already mounted on your bicycle.

1. Pin position
Attach the starting point to both sides of the tyre before closing the zipper. Check that the starting point is properly attached before you begin to close the zipper.

2. Stretch
While closing the zipper, stretch the skin a bit to make sure it fits perfectly. Alternate between the sides while you close the zippers to reduce the resistance. The skin should meet itself at the end.

3. Puller
Finally, when the skin is installed, remember to close the puller into the locked position to secure it.

Can you use the Skins without the base tyre?
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Which surfaces is this skin for?
Can I mix and match different skins?
I am new to winter biking! Is there anything special I should know about using the studded tyres?
I lost some studs this season, is this normal?
Do you need to deflate the base One tyre to zip on the Skin?
How durable are the integrated zipper and what is it made of?
What do I get when I buy this product?

How it works

Zip on - Zip off

reTyre makes all-year cycling easy and safe, without needing to know a lot about bikes. If you know how zippers work, you can use reTyre.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Volker Allgeyer
Spring ride in the Alps with new ice racer skins…

I have had a chance testing the ice racers in late April snow. It was a good experience.

Terje Noren
Lynraskt å sette på…

…fungerer utmerket :-)

Christian Turik
top product

the installation was a bit difficult the first time, but at the latest the third time it was faster than expected. When driving downhill, you shouldn't take the curves quickly, since the lateral support with the spikes is not particularly high.
Despite everything: Highly recommended!
and: great online service!!!

Camilla Bones

Kjøpte vinterdekk, så fornøyd! Her jeg bor skifter det veldig fort mellom masse snø, is og helt bart så utrolig digg å bare kunne slenge på piggdekk før jeg skal levere i barnehagen! Jeg har en el bysykkel som kanskje ikke er helt beregnet for så brede dekk men fikk fiksa på sprutskjermene så de akkurat får plass 🤪

Lisa Marie Falch
Lettvint og praktisk

Veldig fornøyd med vinterdekk fra retyre! Har kjøpt varianten med 300 pigger, og opplever det trygt og stødig på alle underlag jeg har forsøkt. Veldig kjekt å kunne bytte til vanlig dekk bare ved å dra ned en glidelås, da vinteren er veldig skiftende her hvor jeg bor, og man ikke alltid trenger piggdekk hele vinteren. Anbefales!