Ice Racer Skin

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This skin will make you a winter cycling hero. 300 dual compound carbide studs with 12 unique locations in the contact patch, make this the ultimate skin for ice and snow. The top surface area has been minimized to achieve maximum penetration of each stud. With Ice Racer you will ride safely even in extreme winter conditions and unclear winter roads.

All reTyre skins fit perfectly to reTyre One base tyre!
  • This skin has 300 studs with 12 unique locations in the contact patch, carefully distributed to ensure safe grip on ice
  • Our exceptional winter rubber is engineered to stay soft in freezing temperatures, providing optimal traction on snow and ice
  • Additional feature is the specially engineered knobs that flex under load, spring back and shed the snow


Remember Ice Racer adds approximately 7mm (0.25 inches) to the height and 14mm (0.5 inches) to the width of your reTyre One base tyre when mounted. In terms of standard sizing for tyres the effective tyre size with skin is: 

26'' = 50-559/26x2.0
28'' = 50-622/28x2.0
29'' = 60-622/29x2.35