Bag for Skins
Bag for SkinsBag for Skins

Be ready for what's around the next turn or for some exciting adventures after work! reTyre Skins are easy to bring along.  Read more


1 x reTyre bag



A convenient waterproof storage bag for your reTyre Skins. Using reTyre bag when storing your Skins will extend the life of the products as the rubber is better preserved when not exposed to direct sunlight. The bag is solid made and makes your Skins easier to carry with.


Water-resistant materials. 

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Will reTyre work on my bike?

Most bikes will fit reTyre, but to be sure check what size rims you have ...

and then measure the the areas as shown in the figure and see if it is below the the requirements below.

<63 mm clearance for the 26” and 28” 

<72 mm clearance for the 29” 

Fenders can sometime be a problem, but most are easily adjustable to fit reTyre.

Still not sure? Order a free sizing tool