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Winter Traveler Skin

Winter Traveler Skin

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The award winning Winter Traveler skin is designed spesifically for the urban e-bike commuter. The skin has 160 dual compound studs. Includes 1x Skin.


Go modular

Change the tyre tread in less than a minute.
Flexible! Zip on the studded skins only when you need them.
160 compound studs for great grip on icy roads.
2-year warranty
30-day refund policy
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Winter Traveler details

Winter Traveler - The test winner of both the ADAC, ÖAMTC and TCS winter tyre tests. In the tests, the skin outperformed winter tyres from other industry leading tyre brands with its high performance grip on both snow, ice and asphalt. The Winter Traveler skin is designed spesifically for the urban e-bike commuter and brings you safely from A to B on your daily commute.

Optimized tread

This Skin has a high number of edges which enhances the traction on icy roads.

Winter Rubber

Our winter rubber compound is engineered to provide optimal traction on ice and snow.

160 Dual Compound studs

With 160 studs made of tungsten carbide sitting inside an aluminum cloke you are certain to have great grip on icy roads.


Winter Traveler adds approximately 5mm (0.2 inches) to the height and 14mm (0.5 inches) to the width of your reTyre One base tyre when mounted. In terms of standard sizing for tyres, the effective tyre size with skin is:

26'' = 50-559/26x2.0
27.5'' = 57-584/27.5x2.25
28'' = 50-622/28x2.0
29'' = 57-622/29x2.25

The Winter Traveler skin can only be used with our ONE base tyre already mounted on your bicycle.

1. Pin position
Attach the starting point to both sides of the tyre before closing the zipper. Check that the starting point is properly attached before you begin to close the zipper.

2. Stretch
While closing the zipper, stretch the skin a bit to make sure it fits perfectly. Alternate between the sides while you close the zippers to reduce the resistance. The skin should meet itself at the end.

3. Puller
Finally, when the skin is installed, remember to close the puller into the locked position to secure it.

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Does Skins provide additional puncture protection?
Do you need to deflate the base One tyre to zip on the Skin?
Do I need to take the wheel off the bike to install the skins?
Is there any movement between the Skin and Tyre when cornering etc.?



With its qunique flexibility and great grip, our Winter Traveler won the ADAC, TCS and ÖAMTC test of Winter tyres in 2021.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
darren moran
Good flexible tyre, good puncture protection

I can recommend these tires, the skins are good even just used as extra puncture protection, can't wait to use the winter spiked skins, way more flexible than ice spiked pros I usually use

Mikael Hjelm
Safe Cycling in Winter

Brave icy roads. Thank you!

Michael J.
Year round city commuter

These tires fit my commuting needs perfectly. I live downtown and don't want a second bike or wheels. I commute over snow or ice 3-4 months a year. The tires look great. They are easy to zip on and off. The studded winter tires are great and provide great feel and stability. The carrying bag is the perfect size. Fast shipping across an ocean. Well done!

Anita Vasstveit
Winter cycling for first time!

A little stumbling with the first skin, but now I’ve found the technique and was ready for my first ever ride with studs in my 47 years! reTyre gives me the security I didn’t know I was looking for in winter cycling

Jannicke Øen

Winter Traveler Skin