Norwegian tyre innovators 

reTyre is a Norwegian tyre company and leading experts in developing modular tyre products and solutions for a wide range of vehicles and needs.

Our ever-expanding portfolio of products helps cyclists to become all-year cyclists, wheelchair users to have a more active lifestyle, parents of newborns to feel safe while strolling, and fleet companies to quickly adapt to changing weather and keep their fleet operational during all conditions.

We are growing team of engeneers, product designers, sales people and marketers combining experience, knowledge and ambission to develop and produce products that makes life easier for our customers.

Our history 

Our journey started in 2015 at NTNU in Trondheim when the first prototype was developed. After 5 years of testing and development together with research giants such as SINTEF and ICPE, we have developed and patented the world's first modular tyre system. Out tyre systems does not only make it easier and better for the users, but is also better for the environment and the industry's sustainability. We are proud to have developed a production technology which - in a few years - will provide the world's only 100% recyclable tyre!

Be different

reTyre wants to make the lives of various vehicle users easier by creating modular tyre solutions.

Above anything else, reTyre values the innovative and fearless entrepreneurial mindset. At reTyre we also embrace the following values:

  • Sustainability and social commitment

  • Willingness to learn, to improve ourselves by always finding new ways

  • Courage to think big, to be bold and to deny the status quo

Award winning products: 

We are very proud of the fact that our products has recieved several awards and test victories for its design and functionality. They have also been tested and compared to regular, non-modular tyres - always coming out of it with a great result because of its high quality and flexibilty.

For a greener world

reTyre directly addresses one of the largest global challenges, sustainable urban transportation, and contributes to these efforts by facilitating biking, reducing rubber consumption and improving mobility for multiple segments.