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Who is reTyre for?

reTyre modular system is the perfect solution for commuters who sometimes want to experience different riding, or for cyclist who often mix different roads and/or ride in different weather conditions. reTyre is also perfect for cyclists who feel that changing tyres is too complicated or time consuming and for those who do not possess the technical knowledge, skills or the tools to do it. reTyre users are typically more convenience oriented than performance driven. 

Which bicycles does reTyre fit?

Currently, reTyre is fitting most of the e-bikes, Hybrid and MTB bikes that have 26”, 28” and 29’’ wheel diameter. In general, any type of bicycle can fit reTyre, as long as it has the corresponding wheel size and enough fork clearance.

Is there any movement between the skins and base tyres, that you can feel while riding or cornering, etc.?

No, rubber-to-rubber friction ensures that your experience riding on reTyre Skins mounted on the base tyre is no different from riding on regular tyres. No matter your speed, cornering and braking, you don't feel that you have 2 layers of tyres.

Do I need a special rim?

No, you don't need a special rim, you just need to make sure the size is corresponding.There is nothing different with our base tire compared to other regular tires in regards to mounting  to the rim. The only difference is that reTyre One comes with integrated zippers. 

Is reTyre only for bikes with disc brakes?

The reTyre modular system is compatible with any bike, with or without disc brakes.

Can I use reTyre with V-brakes (rim brakes)?

reTyre is recommended for disc-brakes but can be used for v-brakes if the user adjusts them properly.

I have ordered the measuring tool and while testing it had contact with my bike, what can I do?

If the measuring tool hits the mudguard, that is still resolvable but it depends on you, if you wish to use a different type of mudguard that doesn't interfere with the tyre. There are a lot of different options on the market, like clip-on mudguards, that are lighter and more versatile, or MTB-style mudguards that are typically attached to the down tube (in the case of the front ‘guard) or to the seat tube. But, if the measuring tool hits the fork or other parts of the frame, our tyres are definitely not suited for your bike.

Why are you selling one tire/skin, not a pair?

Aside the fact that one product quantity is common for replacement of the worn-off product, for example, depending on the style of your ride, different combinations of skins on front/rear wheel can work nicely, hence, we leave the final decision on mix and matching of reTyre products to you. Examples that we can recommend:
1) mounting reTyre One and any of the studded skin variants only on the front wheel - for advanced users who wish to reduce rolling resistance even in the winter months;
2) mounting Trail Rider on the front and Gravel Chaser on the rear wheel - for ultimate grip and safe cornering on loose ground, while keeping the rolling resistance lower with rear skin; 

3)  mounting Ice Racer on the front and Winter Traveler on the rear wheel - again, better grip on the front combined with less rolling resistance on the back.
However, we do offer different bundles and promotions, so keep track on the website to use these opportunities.

Where else can I buy reTyre?

reTyre can be purchased on our website or through selected stores and sports chains in Europe and the US. You can check Store Locator on for list of stores that offer reTyre. 

Can you use reTyre for wheelchairs?

No, reTyre bicycle tires are not fitting wheelchairs, but, we have teamed up with Panthera to deliver wheelchair tires, which will be on the market in 2020. You can follow Panthera for news and updates on this product.

What is the difference between reTyre One Wire and One Kevlar?

The main difference between the 2 tires is the material used in production. The bead is the part of the tire that comes into contact with the rim. Rigid type tires (also known as regular tires, wire tires) have a bead made using steel wire. This makes them durable and very stiff. Instead of using steel wire, folding bead tires use synthetic fibers like Kevlar. Kevlar is also a durable material but more flexible. This flexibility allows the tires to be folded and is lighter, so Kevlar tires are usually more lightweight than wire ones.

Should I choose One Wire or One Premium?

If you consider yourself an average cyclist and you are not looking for performance or weight saving on your daily rides, you can safely choose wire bead. reTyre One Wire tires are high-quality tires, plus they come with additional puncture protection and reflective stripe for additional safety and longevity. However, if you are planning a long-distance bicycle touring trip and wish to have spare base tires, choosing reTyre One Premium with Kevlar beads will help you save space and weight on your trip, as they are easy-weight and foldable and can easily be brought in a backpack. 

Do you need to deflate the base One tyre to zip on the Skin? 

No. The Skins fit perfectly to base tyre (reTyre One) inflated and already used on your bike. No extra work required.

Can the One Tyre be installed tubeless? 

No. The current available Base Tyre (reTyre One) is not Tubeless Ready. A tubeless version will come soon.

What is the durability of the One Tyre?

Since the reTyre One tire is like any other regular tire, just with addition of zippers, the life expectancy is absolutely the same, only depending on your ride habits, storage, exposure to sun and different temperatures. For every manufactured batch of tires, we are sample testing for endurance on standardized test apparatus (with and without skin mounted), to ensure you get the best quality tyre.

What is the weight of the One Tyre?

reTyre One has the perfect balance between durability and performance and weighs in at just 568g.

What is the operating pressure range?

As with any tyre, inflate to a min. 4 bar to ensure that the bead is positioned correctly in the rim. reTyre can be used with any operating pressure you would prefer, but we recommend 3.5-4.5 bar to give you the best riding experience.

How do I mount the reTyre One base tyre?

1. Mount the base tyre on the rim like any conventional tyre and inflate to the recommended tyre pressure noted on the tyre. 

2. We recommend that you let the tyre sit on the rim for 24 hours or have a short ride before mounting the skin. This important step will allow the base tyre to expand and reach its normal size; which will guarantee a perfect fit between the skin and the base tire and the optimum conditions for use.

Are there any special care requirements for reTyre tyres?

In general you should keep any tyre out of the direct sunlight whenever possible. The sun's ultraviolet rays and radiant heat are detrimental to rubber. Best is to store them on a medium cool, dry location (it is better to store the tyres in a dry basement or climate-controlled workshop than in a standard garage, storage shed, hot attic or outdoors, as the temperatures can vary a lot).

Does my bicycle meet the clearance requirements? 

You need to make sure to have enough frame and fork clearance to accommodate the tyres + the skins:

  - 63mm clearance for the 26'' and 28'' rims 

  - 72mm clearance for the 29''

You can check our Size Guide for more details.

Can I use my own tyre with reTyre Skins? 

No, reTyre Skins only fit reTyre base tyres (reTyre One) which come with integrated zipper and correct number of zipper teeth to ensure the perfect fit.

Are reTyre Skins interchangeable?

Yes! reTyre base tyres and skins are using our patented zip-on technology that guarantees full compatibility between the base tyre and any type of reTyre skin of the same size.

Do Skins provide additional puncture protection?

Yes. The skins use special fibers which both reduce the weight and add strength and puncture protection.

What is the durability of the skins?

This mainly depends on your riding style and habits. But usually, skins will last a lot longer than having one dedicated tire set, simply because you are always able to use the perfect grip for the terrain, which prolongs the lifespan of the Skin by not wearing it off so much. From production perspective, the same tests are conducted on the skins as on the tires.

Are there any special care requirements for reTyre Skins?

In general you should keep any tyre out of the direct sunlight whenever possible, same goes for reTyre Skins. The sun's ultraviolet rays and radiant heat are detrimental to rubber. Best is to store them on a medium cool, dry location (it is better to store the tyres in a dry basement or climate-controlled workshop than in a standard garage, storage shed, hot attic or outdoors, as the temperatures can vary a lot).

Is there any movement between the Skin and Tyre when cornering etc.?

No, rubber-to-rubber friction ensures that your experience riding on reTyre Skins is no different from riding on regular tyres. No matter your speed, cornering and braking, you don't feel that you have 2 layers of tyres.

Can you feel the joint/connecting part of Skin when riding?

When riding off-road or on snow and ice it is impossible to feel the joint. If you are riding with your skin mounted on asphalt or concrete, you might be able to feel some slight vibrations from the joint.

Do I need to take the wheel off the bike to install the skins? 

No, you can easily zip on the skins while your wheels are mounted to your bike. You just need to have reTyre One mounted on your bicycle.

How do I mount the reTyre Skins onto the base tyre?

Mounting the Skins is very easy and takes less than a minute, you only need to take care of a few simple details:

1. Attach the insertion pins of the skin zippers into the respective boxes on both sides of the base tire before starting to close the zipper. 

2. Check that the insertion pins are properly engaged before you start closing the zippers. 

3. Alternate between sides, while slightly stretching the skin, as you close the zippers to decrease resistance. 

4. Stretch the skin while closing the zippers to ensure optimum fit. The junction between the beginning and the end of the skin should leave a minimal gap of few millimeters. 

5. Be sure to lock the system by pushing both pullers against the tire in the locked position.

Does my bicycle meet the clearance requirements? 

You have to have enough frame and fork clearance to accommodate the tyres + the skins 

63mm clearance for the 26'' and 28'' rims 

72mm clearance for the 29'' 

You can check the Size Guide for more details.

I have the old reTyre skins, will they fit the new version of base tire? 

No, the medium skin from the old generation is too small to fit the new reTyre One base tyre. Large size can fit, but we don't recommend it, due to old materials being used and the skin will feel a little loose. Same goes for Urban Winter, All-Terrain and Trail-X, but, new skins will fit your 2nd generation reTyre One. 

I am new to winter biking! Is there anything special I should know about using the studded tyres?

The only difference is that the studs have a “running-in period" of minimum 25 km riding on asphalt, with low speeds and careful braking and turning in order for the studs to “fuse” together with the rubber, which is the norm for studded tyres. After the running-in period, use the studded skins normally while on snow/ice and use the base tyre for dry periods.

I lost some studs this season, is this normal?  

Yes, if you are actively riding in winter season it is perfectly normal to lose some of the studs, but you can order the studding tool with spare studs and easily ready your skins for the next season. No need to buy a new skin!

What type of additional skins will reTyre launch?

reTyre is all about challenging what a tyre can do. We are working on Skins with embedded electronics and LED’s using inductive charging and communicating to your smartphone. We are also introducing new exotic materials such as textiles, recycled coconut fibers and completely recyclable skins.

How durable are the integrated zippers?

The zippers are specially developed to handle extreme and harsh environments and have the same life expectancy as the tyre. The zippers are self-cleaning due to the centrifugal forces, and the carefully calculated placement prevents any damages. Our zip-on technology has been carefully developed and tested since 2016, and zippers can actually outlive your tire - the rubber will be worn out before the zipper breaks!

 Isn’t there too much load and force pressuring the zipper during cycling?

Well, actually, while riding your bike there is a very low amount of load on the zipper itself because of its careful placement. The forces generated while accelerating and braking are well within the properties of the high-quality zippers we are using. 

What materials is the zipper made of? 

All the materials used are of the highest quality.
The TPU skirts and zipper teeth are specially made out of strong nylon, for durability and easy maintenance. The puller is made of one of a kind stainless steel (grade 316), co-developed with SINTEF, to avoid corrosion and rust due to the use of salt on the road during the winter. For increased safety and durability reasons, the zipper is sewed onto the base tyre using double stitching with high-quality thread from Gütermann in Germany, and the adhesive-infused thread ensures a permanent integration to the tyre. Finally, our zipper is tested by SGS SA (the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company), and according to the standard Zipper Strength Test (EN 16732: 2015) it performs better than the highest strength requirements (Code E).

Which countries do reTyre ship to and on which rates?

We offer flat shipping rates with VAT and import costs included! No additional cost on your end!


Delivery Cost

Delivery Time


NOK 99

2-6 working days


NOK 150 (€14)

10-15 working days


NOK 150 ($15)

10-15 working days


NOK 150 ($15, €14)

10-20 working days

Is there a warranty on reTyre?

Yes. We offer a 2 years warranty on our products against production failure.

Are taxes, VAT, import costs and duties included?

Yes, all taxes, VAT and/or duties are included in the shipping price.

When will you ship my order?

After your payment is verified, it may take up to 24 hours to process and ship your order. This does not include weekends or holidays. Purchases made after 11 am PT will not be shipped out until the next business day. If you order after 11 am PT on a Friday, your order will be shipped out on the following Monday.

What is the reTyre return policy?

We have a 30-day return policy, with certain conditions. Please check T&C page for more details.

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Will reTyre work on my bike?

To determine if your bike will fit reTyre, two measures you should consider are: the tire (rim) size and the fork clearance.

There are several ways of 
determining your tire size. If you already have a bike, you can check the size of your current tyres, the number is engraved on the tyre sidewall. If the information is not readable, you can measure the rim diameter and find corresponding size. If you are buying a new bike, check the tire and rim specification. 

After determining the size, you should make sure you have enough clearance for both reTyre One and Skin of your choice. Depending of the size, minimum clearance you need is as follows:

63 mm clearance for the 26” and 28” 

72 mm clearance for the 29” 

Fenders can sometime be a problem, but most are easily adjustable to fit reTyre.

Still not sure?
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