Best results

in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Norway

Tested by ÖAMTC, TCS and ADAC

(Europe's largest motoring association from Germany)

While the extensive test was focusing on rigorous testing and fair depiction of the advantages and disadvantages of different tyre models on different surfaces, rather than comparing and picking winners, reTyre is the only one to achieve the 3 highest scores of all the participants in the test, being the only one with a “VERY GOOD” grade in all 3 tested categories.

Best performing winter tyre in all categories!

Source: ÖAMTC

Winter tires for bicycles: top 10 products compared

In November 2021, the ÖAMTC (Österreichischer Automobil-, Motorrad- und Touring Club) published their most recent test of winter tyres for bicycles and electric bikes. The test was extremely thorough and the tyres’ braking ability was tested on both snow, ice and on asphalt.

Tests included winter tires with studs (reTyre, Schwalbe, Continental, Kenda), winter tyres without studs (Veloplus, Michelin and Nokian) and a regular, “summer” tyre – Schwalbe's most popular Marathon, as a reference for comparison.

While the tyres were compared and graded, the conclusion is that special tires have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it is best to choose them depending on the area of ​​application.

(in German)

reTyre reached with 14 out of 15 stars the best result in the TCS test.

ADAC writes:“The clear test winner at the Swiss Touring Club was the Winter Traveler Skin from the Norwegian company Retyre with its modular tire system ...”

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“reTyre makes it easier to use your bike in all conditions, even if you don't know a lot about bikes.”

Dag Otto Lauritzen

Norwegian professional cyclist and Tour de France section winner

“Highly innovative and functional, reTyre One allows the wheel tread to be changed without having to change the tyre. This significantly increases the flexibility and riding pleasure.”

Award winning at Norway's largest technology website

“Brilliant way to get studded tires on your bike”

(in Norwegian)

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