reTyre Stud Replacement Tool
reTyre Stud Replacement ToolreTyre Stud Replacement Tool

reTyre stud tool can be used to insert or change studs on all reTyre studded skins. Read more


1 x reTyre Studding Tool

50 x Studs (Winter Traveler or Ice Racer) 

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The reTyre stud tool can be used to insert or change studs in all reTyre studded skins, as well as most other regular studded tyres. Designed with two practical HEX-keys in sizes 4 mm and 5 mm, which makes it easy to maintain your bike on the go. The tool is ergonomically designed to fit both left and right handed users. 50 studs with aluminum jackets included. 


  • Universal studding tool
  • HEX-keys in sizes 4 mm and 5 mm. 


  • Studding Tool: Stainless steel/PE 
  • Winter Traveler Studs: carbide core, aluminium jacket, 4.6 mm
  • Ice Racer Studs: carbide core, aluminium jacket,  5.7 mm

Is there any important usage instruction for the studded skins?

Yes, with all the studded tyres on the market, the studs have a “running-in period" of minimum 25 km riding on asphalt, with low speeds and careful braking and turning in order for the studs to “fuse” together with the rubber, which is the norm for studded tyres.

Why do I need the tool, do the studs on winter skins fall out?    

Yes, if you are actively riding in winter season it is normal to lose some of the studs, as with any other brand of studded tyres, but you can order the studding tool with spare studs and easily ready your skins for the next season. No need to buy a new skin!

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Will reTyre work on my bike?

Most bikes will fit reTyre, but to be sure check what size rims you have ...

and then measure the the areas as shown in the figure and see if it is below the the requirements below.

<63 mm clearance for the 26” and 28” 

<72 mm clearance for the 29” 

Fenders can sometime be a problem, but most are easily adjustable to fit reTyre.

Still not sure? 

Order a free clearance measuring tool