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Bundle w/ Ice Racer

Bundle w/ Ice Racer

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This bundle includes 2 of the ONE Base Tyre and 2 Ice Racer Skins with 300 studs. Everything you need to reTyre convert your bike.


Go modular

Change the tyre tread on your bike in less than a minute. Always ready!
A flexible system! Zip on the studded skins only when you need them.
Well tested products! Safe, durable and easy.
2-year guarantee
30-day refund policy
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Upgrade your bike

This bundle includes two of the reTyre ONE base tyres and two of the Ice Racer skin. Click in the items below for more information about the products.

2 x ONE base tyres
2 x Ice Racers Skins

The Ice Racer skin adds approximately 7mm (0.25 inches) to the height and 14mm (0.5 inches) to the width of your reTyre One base tyre when mounted.

In terms of standard sizing for tyres, the effective tyre size with the Ice Racer skin is: 

26'' = 50-559/26x2.0

27.5" = 57-584/27.5x2.25

28'' = 50-622/28x2.0

29'' = 57-622/29x2.25  

ONE base tyre sizes:

26'' = 42-559/26x1.60 

27.5'' = 52-584/27.5x2.00

28'' = 42-622/28x1.60

29'' = 50-622/29x2.00

28 and 29 rims are the same diameter. Our 28" tyres will fit 29" rims, the only difference being that the 28" is more narrow than the 29". 

All reTyre skins are compatible and interchangeable with the reTyre One base tyre of the equivalent diameter.

reTyre is a modular tyre system with interchangeable skins, featuring a integrated zip-on technology, allowing you to adapt your tyre in seconds.

The Modular System means that our tires consist of 2 modules: 

  1. The reTyre One base tyre, a fast and slick road tyre. Always on the bike and with integrated zip-on technology.
  2. reTyre Skins for diferent road conditions. Also with integrated zip-on technology, making it fast and easy to take them on and off the base tyre.

reTyre performs just like any other conventional tire, while the integrated zippers offer additional functionality. With reTyre, you can change/adapt the tire tread in less than 30 seconds. It is easy, it is fast and it is safe! With our tires, cyclists always have the best possible grip, because Skins are light, foldable and easily brought with you.

How do I mount reTyre on my bike?
Can you use the Skins without the base tyre?
What surfaces is the Ice Racer skin for?
What surfaces is the reTyre One base tyre for?
I am new to winter biking! Is there anything special I should know about using the studded tyres?
I lost some studs this season, is this normal?
Do you need to deflate the base One tyre to zip on the Skin?
Can I mix and match different skins?
What is included in this bundle?

How it works?

Zip on - Zip off!

reTyre makes all-year cycling easy and safe, without needing to know a lot about bikes. If you know how zippers work, you can use reTyre.

Customer Reviews

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Lene Dreyer
Kjempegode vinterdekk

Jeg er veldig fornøyd. Enkle å bruke og sitter godt på asfalten.

Jane McIntosh
Excellent service

Have been using the Retyre system for a few years and it has been brilliant. All weathers ice, snow. The ice racer is definitely the best option for early morning cycling to work.
The service from the reTyre team is excellent.

Rune Feragen
ReTyre allseason :-)

Over all forventning, enkelt å montere, passet fint, gjør overgangen sommer/vinter sømløs 👍

André Ronesen
Endelig vinter sykling.

Supert veigrep selv på glattisen. Endelig mulig å sykle hele året. Anbefales.

Titto Thundityil Idicula
Fantastisk kundeservice

Veldig fornøyd med produktet or meget fornøyd med en veldig resposniv kundeservice