Winter Bundle (Black Friday)

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You get:

  • 2 reTyre One road tyres with integrated zippers (in chosen size)
  • 2 matching reTyre Winter Traveler Skins for winter biking
  • 1 water-resistant reTyre storage bag

Try winter biking with Winter Traveler Skin

The skin designed specifically for the urban winter cyclist. Lightweight studded skin, makes winter cycling a breeze. The special configuration ensures that 4 studs are always in contact with the ground. This skin will get you safely from point A to B on your daily commute.

reTyre Winter Traveler gives you the opportunity to choose the bike and commute all year-round. With this skin, you can easily become a winter cyclist or choose the opportunity to ride a little longer in the fall, and a little earlier in the spring. reTyre skins give you the confidence and flexibility to ride wherever you want, whenever you want to. If the frost conditions change during the day, simply zip-off the Winter Traveler skins and continue cycling on the fast-rolling reTyre One.

reTyre Winter Traveler is the perfect skin for cyclists who:

  • Commute to and from work/school in the winter
  • Live in the city and experience conditions with snow, ice and black ice
  • Want to extend the cycling season in the fall and spring
  • Want to ride in the winter but have not felt safe enough yet
  • Want to use the electric bike all year-round
  • Consider tyre shift to be a hassle, time-consuming and expensive.


About reTyre technology

reTyre is a modular system that gives cyclists of all experience levels the freedom to ride anytime, anywhere. The system consists of:

  • A slick base tyre featuring our zip-on technology
  • Interchangeable reTyre Skins that allow cyclists to adapt to changing terrain or weather conditions in less than a minute.

Our zip-on technology uses a specially developed zipper with one of a kind stainless steel (grade 316) zippers, used specifically on the Winter Skins, so no salt and snow can harm it! The system is partly self-cleaning due to the centrifugal force created during use, which makes it perfectly suited for extreme weather conditions. For increased safety and durability reasons, we are double-stitching the zipper onto the base tyre with high-quality thread from Gütermann in Germany. The zip is fitted with a self-locking mechanism and has a security pin that prevents opening during use. Our zipper is tested by SGS SA (the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company), and according to the standard Zipper Strength Test (EN 16732: 2015) it performs better than the highest strength requirements (Code E).


About reTyre One

reTyre One is a fast-rolling and durable quality tyre suited for road cycling and commuting on paved roads. reTyre One is also modular, which means that in addition to having all the benefits of a regular tyre, it gives you the opportunity to change the tyre’s tread by attaching skins to the base tyre. Thanks to our patented zip-on technology, you can attach different skins to the reTyre One base tyre which allows you to continue cycling, anytime, anywhere. All that without the hassle of removing the wheels from the bike to change the tyres. With reTyre modular tyre system, you can be confident that you have the right grip, traction and predictable handling you need to achieve the perfect cycling experience.


About Winter Traveler Skin

With 160 dual compound studs this is our lightest winter skin. The surface area is minimized to achieve maximum penetration and utilization of each stud. The studs are carefully distributed to guarantee optimum contact surface in the center of the casing, while also being angled to minimize rolling resistance. The knobs are CAD engineered and distributed with large grooves between the blocks. Parts of the center knobs are designed with siping technology (making tiny cuts on larger knobs to create patterns with more edges) which enhances the traction on icy roads. The shoulder knobs are angled to optimize understeer traction and provide predictable handling and cornering on icy and wet surfaces.