Starterpack with Gravel Chaser Skin

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You get:

  • reTyre One road tyre with integrated zippers (size: 42-622/28x1.6)
  • Matching reTyre Gravel Chaser Skin for offroad biking

Go Modular with Gravel Chaser Skin

For your next adventure zip on the Gravel Chaser skin and enjoy the ride. reTyre skins give you the confidence and flexibility to ride wherever you want, whenever you want to. At the end of your ride, remove the skin and use the fast-rolling reTyre One to cover the rest of your journey on the paved road.


reTyre Gravel Chaser is the perfect skin for cyclists who:

  • Commute to and from work/school on both asphalt and hard packed dirt roads.
  • Occasionally need extra grip on hard packed ground and gravel roads.
  • Consider tyre shift to be a hassle, time consuming and expensive.
  • Usually put the bike away when the weather or terrain changes.
  • Love to ride in nature and want the freedom to ride on mixed terrain and feel confident they have a good grip without compromising rolling resistance.
  • Want to use their e-bike in nature and on mixed terrain.


About reTyre One

reTyre One is a fast-rolling and durable quality tyre suited for road cycling and commuting on paved roads. reTyre One is also modular, which means that in addition to having all the benefits of a regular tyre, it gives you the opportunity to change the tyre’s tread by attaching skins to the base tyre. Thanks to our patented zip-on technology, you can attach different skins to the reTyre One base tyre which allows you to continue cycling, anytime, anywhere. All that without the hassle of removing the wheels from the bike to change the tyres. With reTyre modular tyre system, you can be confident that you have the right grip, traction and predictable handling you need to achieve the perfect cycling experience.


About Gravel Chaser Skin

The Gravel Chaser skin features a dual compound rubber, with hard large center knobs for improved rolling resistance and softer shoulder knobs giving cyclists optimal grip, traction and confident handling when riding on hard packed surfaces. Center knobs are CAD engineered and positioned with an angle to improve traction and braking performance.

The perfect skin when you decide to let your bike take you on new adventures. It is an all-rounder for medium rough natural terrain, such as paths, gravel roads and forest roads. Gravel Chaser is the go-to skin for your bikepacking & weekend adventures.

All reTyre skins fit perfectly to reTyre One base tyre!
  • Dual rubber compound with hard centre knobs and softer side knobs ensures optimal grip and performance
  • The treads are angled to optimize understeer traction for better handling and cornering characteristics
  • The center and transition knob height is reduced to get a faster rolling skin



Starterpack comes with reTyre One in the size: 42-622/28x1.6. This is the most common tyre size for hybrids and e-bikes. Remember the Gravel Chaser  Skin adds approximately 4mm (0.15 inches) to the height and 14mm (0.5 inches) to the width of your reTyre One base tyre when mounted.