reTyre Measuring Tool
reTyre Measuring ToolreTyre Measuring Tool

reTyre measuring tool helps you determine if your bicycle has enough clearance for reTyre System. Read more


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To make sure that our reTyre modular tire system will work for your bicycle, you will need enough frame and fork clearance to accommodate the tyres + the skins.We have developed a special measuring tool, so you can make sure reTyre fits your bicycle before ordering! Critical points to check are depicted below.


Do not remove the tires you already have, just pin our tool on top of the rim and try to spin the wheel. If it doesn't hit anywhere, our tires will fit! 

Do I need to know the size of my tyre to order the measuring tool?

Yes, the measuring tool helps you figure out if your bicycle has enough clearance for reTyre System, you still need to order the correct size of the tool (corresponding to your tyre size) to be able to test it successfully.

How do I order the free measuring tool? 

Just proceed with the purchase, no fees will be calculated, we ship the tool for free!

I have measured the fit and the tool has contact with my bike, what can I do?

If the measuring tool hits the mudguard, that is still resolvable but it depends on you, if you wish to use a different type of mudguard that doesn't interfere with the tyre. There are a lot of different options on the market, like clip-on mudguards, that are lighter and more versatile, or MTB-style mudguards that are typically attached to the down tube (in the case of the front ‘guard) or to the seat tube. But, if the measuring tool hits the fork or other parts of the frame, our tyres are definitely not suited for your bike.

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Will reTyre work on my bike?

Most bikes will fit reTyre, but to be sure check what size rims you have ...

and then measure the the areas as shown in the figure and see if it is below the the requirements below.

<63 mm clearance for the 26” and 28” 

<72 mm clearance for the 29” 

Fenders can sometime be a problem, but most are easily adjustable to fit reTyre.