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Watch this video to make sure you zip on your skin in the best way possible

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How to mount reTyre ONE base tyre

The way you mount the base tyre from reTyre is no different than a regular tyre. In this video we show you how you can mount your tyres at home. After the one time installation of the base tyre you can zip on and off reTyre skins.

First 24 hours

We recommend that you let the tyre sit on the rim for 24 hours or have a short ride before mounting the skin. This important step will allow the base tyre to expand and reach its normal size; which will guarantee a perfect fit between the skin and the base tire and the optimum conditions for use.

After the first 24 hours you can adjust the bar pressure to what you are comfortable with. We recommend having it at about 3,5.

Breaking in the studs

For all studded tyres, we recommend driving in a minimum of 50 km on dry roads without fast wheelspins or hard breaking before you start using them on ice and snow. This is so that the spikes can attach properly to the tires. If you dont break in the studs you can end up loosing more studs than normal. 

Bar pressure

We recommend that you have a bar pressure of 4 the first day for maximum expansion. After this, you can adjust the pressure to what your are comfortable with. We recommend around 3.5 for the best fit. 

If your skin gap is more than 15 mm

If the skin gap is less than 15 mm it will not impact your riding. If you experience a skin gap more than 15 mm, please try this one time process:

1.) Hold the skin up in front of you with ~20 cm distance between your hands. Pull your right hand to the right, and left hand to the left with force. You will hear tearing inside of the skin. This is the Carcass inside the tyres (the threads usually refered to only as TPI) that tears. Move your hands along the skin 15 cm and repeat the process, until you have done it for the whole skin and you do not hear it tearing inside. Then the rubber is more flexible since the threads are not “holding the rubber back”.

2.) Then mount the skin on the tyre again. Make sure to stretch the skin while mounting it on the tyre, like in our video:

Tooth jump: Does your zipper look uneven?

Tooth jump is when two zipper teeth on one side stands between two other zipper teeth on the other. It is the zipper's natural way of reacting when it meets another zipper if they are not exactly equal. This is a normal behavior for zippers and it is normal to have at least 1-5 teeth jump. If you have more than 5, you can take of the skin, zip it back on, and it and that will usually fix it. If not, feel free to contact us.